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HarmonyHill  HarmonyHill | Recorded in 1993 | Buy this album now

The First Album from Dervish, Recorded in 1993 this album caused a sensation on its release and has gone on to become a classic in Irish Traditional Music.

Album Review

As the main stage of London's Fleadh festival starts to take on a more mainstream flavour, it's comforting to know that some of the smaller stages still harbour the ace folk music that's true to the festival's original intent. And Dervish promise to be one of the day's alternative raves - a crack Sligo ensemble whose mercurial, thrilling dance sets might find them rivalling Donegal's Altan in the bid to be the freshest, coolest traditional act in Ireland. The recent appearance of Harmony Hill in the UK record stores (a follow-up to the cassette release 'The Boys of Sligo') has justifiably caused a stir. While Altan base their mighty sound around the two fiddle players, Dervish have a bedrock of flute and bouzouki -a speedy, versatile pairing that's happily reminiscent of '70s stars The Bothy Band at their most flighty. Thus, 'The Green Fields of Miltown' is a blast, notes blurring in a wonderful, reeling display. 'The Ploughman' is a cool reading of Robbie Burns and 'A Stor mo Chroi' is a top showcase for the relative newcomer Cathy Jordan's childlike tones. It's pure folk, but Dervish makes it rock and jump as well as any pop. The west coast sound has rarely been battered.

Stuart Bailie, NME (New Musical Express)

Track Listing

  1. Apples in Winter
  2. Hills of Greenmore
  3. Fields of Milltown
  4. Bellaghy Fair
  5. The Ploughman
  6. The Green Mountain
  7. Welcome Poor Paddy
  8. Jig C Jig
  9. The Fair Maid
  10. Virginia Set
  11. A Stor Mo Chroi
  12. Slides and Reels

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