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Dervish are on the Apple iPad App store

Dervish, Ireland's premier traditional music band have released their first App on the Apple App store to celebrate 21+ years on the road.

The iPad app, created in partnership with the Serious Games & Virtual World’s team, based in the School of Computing & Intelligent Systems at the University of Ulster’s Magee Campus, is free to download from the App store and features a handpicked selection of songs, videos and an episode of the ever popular Irish Heartbeat radio show, providing users with a highly interactive introduction to the band and their rich musical history.

Cathy Jordan, lead singer of Dervish said “As a band we have always tried to innovate and evolve while staying true to tradition and our roots, a balancing act that is sometimes a difficult path to travel.  Part of this process is embracing the opportunities presented by new technologies. The interactivity offered by a platform like the iPad allows us to present our music in new and engaging ways and to reach new audiences worldwide.“ Brian McDonagh said “Working with the Serious Games & Virtual World’s team was a great experience. They really helped us to understand how we could use mobile devices such as the iPad to distribute our music and explore new business models.”

Michael Callaghan of the University of Ulster added “Working with Dervish on this project was very rewarding as it allowed us to further explore how the next generation of mobile computing platforms could be used in innovative and interesting ways. Innovative programs like the innovation voucher scheme facilitate unique opportunities for cross disciplinary projects bringing together culture and technology in new and interesting ways. “ Dr Shane Wilson concluded, “Mobile computing using Smartphones or tablet PCs is becoming an increasingly important element of our everyday lives. This project allowed us to apply our domain expertise in these areas and create a wonderful example of how technology, art and creativity can be seamlessly intertwined.”



The App is available as a free download from the Apple App store and includes the following material; Go to site here.

Songs & Tunes

  • Molly and Johnny
  • Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi
  • Peigin Mo Chroi
  • Red Haired Mary
  • I courted a wee girl
  • Bold Doherty
  • Boots of Spanish leather
  • The Hungry rock
  • The Swallows tail
  • Josefin's waltz
  • Johns Blessing
  • Jolly tinker


  • My Bride and I
  • Johns’ blessing
  • The Queen and the soldier
  • The Cat she went a hunting
  • Boots of Spanish Leather
  • Farewell to Eireann
  • Two sisters

Irish heartbeat with Dervish Radio Show

  • Show IHB008 featuring special guests Frankie Gavin, Sean Keane and Michelle Lally

The project was funded by Enterprise Ireland under the Innovation voucher scheme. Further information on the App is available on the Dervish website @ or on the Serious Games & Virtual World’s team site here



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