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Tribute to Simon Heginbotham

We're deeply saddened to announce the passing of our friend and UK agent, Simon Heginbotham.

When the news came through over the weekend that Simon had died last Friday we were too stunned for words.

Simon just seemed to grow into our lives years ago from being a devoted lover of music to a devoted lover of music who ran concerts.

His sheer energy, drive and enthusiasm overcame any lack of experience or showbiz connections, so that in recent times he became the agent everyone wanted to handle their bookings.

He was a full-on and passionate person who loved what he did and would effuse over things he loved while equally quickly telling you if he didn't.

Anyone who knew Simon will know how committed and tireless he was. He'd leave no stone unturned to ensure a great event for whoever he worked with. If Simon was running your gig you were assured it would be pushed and promoted to the last degree.

By dint of his hard work, passion and irreverent humour he built a reputation for putting on great music and doing it wonderfully.

We'll miss him hugely.


In recent days there has been a great outpouring of love for Simon from friends and musicians far and wide and we hope to announce a tribute concert very soon. For more information please see

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