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Dervish add matchmaking to long list of achievements

If you ever needed an extra reason to attend a Dervish concert then how about finding and falling in love.... Thats just what happened to newly weds Martin and Caterina...


Dervish matchmaking


The story starts with Catarina first. She and her sister liked Irish bands and wanted to visit Ireland. Both being in their early 20’s they took a flight from Portugal and spent about a week touring Dublin. While she was there the cd “Decade” was on a top list and she decided to give it a try. She loved what she heard. Myself {Martin} listened to all sorts of music and ventured into a local shop called “Donegal Square” in 2002 I decided to buy a compilation and try something new. On the cd was the Dervish song “Erin Gra Mo Chroi” I really liked this song and then purchased the cd Decade also.

After listening to the cd more I eventually bought the rest of Dervish’s cds. The band came to Malvern, PA in the USA and I was lucky enough to see them for the very first time in March of 2003. Over the next year I was able to see the band several more times. During these shows I ventured for the first time onto the Dervish website. The website had a section called the forum where you could leave comments about the band, cd, songs, etc. You could leave your email if you wanted or not. Over the next few months I read comments and made some myself. I eventually saw some questions by someone named Catarina about the band. She didn’t leave her email so I started answering her questions as best I could on the forum.

Let me stop to say this was a new medium for both of us. Neither of us was ever in a chat room, online dating service, or anything like this to this day! It was just neat for us to hear from people who had the same interest in music as us. I, Martin, left my email when I wrote so eventually when Dervish was coming to my hometown of Bethlehem in the states Catarina emailed me to say check the website and you are lucky! I saw the band, which was wonderful again, and emailed her back thanking her. From this point on we started emailing each other and became friends. We both sent each other cd’s and letters. About a year after this we started to call each other and use a webcam to talk. Our feelings took a new turn in we each were becoming more than friends and decided to meet in person. Deciding on Portugal or America was hard. We eventually decided on going to Ireland for a vacation to see the great country and see how our feelings were in person. We toured the west coast and did 1000 miles in 6 days. We left feeling happy from our meeting and sad to leave each other.

That was in 2006. As time progressed she came to the USA and met my whole family and I her’s in Portugal. I proposed to her in the summer of 2007. We were married in a chapel in February 14th, 2009 in Portugal. So we owe very much to the band Dervish, who without them we would have never known the other even existed. We were separated by an ocean, from two different countries {Portugal and the United States}, two different cultures, but through our love of traditional Irish music we met.

Wedding picture


We want to thank all the members of Dervish for bringing us together. We wish the very best to the whole band and their families!!



Martin and Caterina Di Maria

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