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Tour Dates

Date Venue Location Venue Website
06 March 2015 Thrasher's Opera House Green Lake,WI, USA Website
07 March 2015 Irish Culture & Heritage Center of Wisconsin Milwaukee, WI USA Website
10 March 2015 Fenians Conklin, Michigan, USA Website
12 March 2015 The Murphy Theatre Wilmonton, OH USA Website
13 March 2015 University of Illinois Springfield, IL USA Website
14 March 2015 Hoyt Sherman Place Des Moines, IA USA Website
15 March 2015 Blue Note Ballroom 320 3rd St.S. Winsted, MN, USA Website
17 March 2015 Community Arts Center Williamsport, PA USA Website
21 March 2015 Univ of Hartford Hartford, Connecticut, USA Website

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